HEAVY AT HOME May 8 2017


Hosted by Riley Strong from DESECRATOR

Dreadnaught - Buried
Mortal Sin - Lebanon


Hobbs Angel Of Death - Crucifixion
Harlott - And Darkness Brings the Light


In Malice's Wake - Fuel For The Fire
Airbourne - Breakin' Outta Hell


Destroyer 666 - Trialed By Fire
Earth - Star Condemn'd


Truth Corroded - The Saviours Slain
Dead City Ruins - Til Death


Desecrator - To The Gallows
Dreadnaught - 10 X The Pain


Hadal Maw - Simian Plague
Northlane - Heartmachine
Toe To Toe - Sydney
In Hearts Wake  - Passage
Adrift For Days - Feast Of Fools
Vulvagun - The Stinking Low Tide
Mish - Artax
Frankenbok - Drive it into the Ground
Caetera - Forces Of Hate
Alkira - Karmaphala


Heavy At Home

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