HEAVY AT HOME May 9 2016 Playlist

The Levitation Hex – The Things Time Can’t Mend
Circles – Sand and Wind
Balloons Kill Babies – Patches
Chronolyth – March of the Forsaken
Chaos Divine – Landmines
Witchskull – The Vast Electric Dark
Headbore – Slaves
Hemina – Nightlives
Acolyte – The Message
Ouroboros – Horizons
King Parrot – Dead Set
Dead Letter Circus – Lodestar
Hadal Maw – Corridors
Envenomed – Disobey The Beast
Abramelin – Misfortune
LORD – Haunted
Malakyte – Zero Hour
4Arm – Fragment of a Dream
Like Thieves – Brave the Day
High Tension – Killed By Life
Orpheus Omega – Karma Favours The Weak
Hawkmoth – Tundra
Jericco – Colour Outside The Lines
Segression – Killing Kingdom

Heavy At Home

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