HEAVY AT HOME Nov 20 2017

Arteries – Blunderbuss
Embrace The Dawn – Putrefaction of God
Mass Sky Raid – Chemical Design
DROID – Hypnotic Drip
YLVA – Lapse
Agents Of The Enemy – Brooding
Toehider – How Do Ghosts Work
Motherslug – Followers of the Sun
Dumbsaint – Another Scene
Claret Ash – Devolution
Abramelin – Human Abattoir
Synthetic Breed – Neuro Connectivity
The Red Shore – Misery Hymn
Jerk – Disintegrating
Paramaecium – The Killing
Pegazus – The Headless Horseman
Daysend – Winter
Poor – Man Of War
Darklord – Blood Of Angels
Virgin Black – In Winters Ash
Pod People – The Missed
Earth – The Bleeding Fields

Heavy At Home

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