HEAVY AT HOME Nov 6 2017



YLVA – Hunting Room
Kettlespider – Circus


Glenn Proudfoot – Fire
Embrace The Dawn – The Tide


Mass Sky Raid – Chemical Design


Claret Ash – Devolution
Motherslug – Downriver


Dumbsaint – Another Scene


Ne Obliviscaris – Urn (Part I) – And Within the Void We Are Breathless


Divine Ascension – Liberator
Troldhaugen – BMX Terminator
Damaged – Internal Dismemberment Conflicts (winter 93)
Metreya – Machines Of War
Be’lakor – The Smoke of Many Fires
Hazmat – Sold
Octanic – Aeternus Imperium
Tensions Arise – Prepare to Strike
Taberah – Sinner’s Lament
Blood Duster – D.F.F.
Claim The Throne – Fury Entwined
Hobbs Angel Of Death – Jack The Ripper


Heavy At Home

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