HEAVY AT HOME November 7 2016 Playlist

Hosted by Josh Nixon aka JJ Lawhore from I EXIST


Destroyer 666 - Deathblow
Superheist - Wolves In Your Headspace


The Ruiner - Hubble
Holy Serpent - Bury me Standing


Fuck…I’m Dead - Arse To Mouth
Vaginal Carnage - Mad Mullet Cunts
The Day Everything Became Nothing - 5


King - Night Sky Abyss
Dreadnaught - Welcome To Oblivion
The Levitation Hex - The Things That Time Can’t Mend


Old School Aussie Mix -
Armoured Angel - Hymn of Hate
Christbait - Swing


Misery - Inverted Prophet
Abramelin - The Germ Factory


dISEMBOWELLMENT - The Tree of Life and Death
Inverloch - Distance Collapsed


Heads Kicked Off - Forced Opinion
Pisschrist - Chemical Warfare
Mortal Sin - Mayhemic Destruction


Alchemist - Abstraction
Alchemist - Unfocussed


Wretch - A Fucktone of Hate
I Exist - Sorrow on Hill 105


Whitehorse - Remains Unknown - Progression


Heavy At Home

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