HEAVY AT HOME Oct 2 2017



Horrorwood Mannequins – Burn it to the Ground
I Am Duckeye – Plums


Lo! – Locust Christ
Tensions Arise – Prepare to Strike


Kettlespider – Circus
Contrive – Below The Line


Yanomano – The Number 9
King Parrot – Now it Stokes Frenzy
Arteries – Manipulator


Mental Cavity – The Dissenter
YLVA – Metadata
Grotesque – Feedback Loop


Cursed Earth – Exhausted


Balloons Kill Babies – Breach
Vanishing Point – If Only I
Daemon Pyre – Courage Burns Brightest
The Mark Of Cain – Familiar Territory
Direblaze – Confinement and Privation
Frankenbok – Linguistics
D9 – Of His Mind
Se Bon Ki Ra – Left Of Centre
Silent Knight – When The Fallen Angel Flies
Hailmary – Equilibrium
Damaged – Internal Dismemberment Conflicts (winter 93)
Ne Obliviscaris – Intra Venus
Flaming Wreckage – Cataclysm
Desecrator – To The Gallows


Heavy At Home

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