HEAVY AT HOME October 31 2016 Playlist



Airbourne – Down on You
Superheist – Running Away


The Ruiner – Volcano
Belle Haven – The Carving Knife
Naberus – Unmasked


Ruins – Shadow of a Former Self
Hemina – High Kite Ride


Darkc3ll – Toxic Mutant Hero
The Outcome – Burning Cage


Dirty Wolves – Omnisciens Machina
Oath of Damnation – Wrath of Formosus


In Death – Every Burial


Opia – Somethings
Allegiance – Torn Between Two Worlds


Anno Domini – The Exiled
Destroyer 666 – Hounds at ya Back


Hidden Intent – Apocalypse Now
Dreadnaught – The Hated


Be’lakor – Roots to Sever


Holy Serpent – The Black Stone


Kill(Ur)Self – Enslaved
King – Reclaim The Darkness


Heavy At Home

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