• Heavy At Home Playlist Apr 22 2013


    Eternum – High On Fire
    Airbourne – Live it Up
    The Spiral Sequence – If
    Dejan Toracki – Critical Mass
    Lynchmada – Green River
    Catalyst – Chains of Enslavement
    Cog – Open Up
    Bound For Ruin – Divisions
    Self Is A Seed – Thought You Would
    Create Destroy – Deathbringer
    Alchemist – Chinese Whispers
    Lo – Lichtenberg Figures
    Bear The Mammoth – Moonquake
    Serenity Defiled – Infestation
    Advent Sorrow – Before The Dimming Light
    Dreadnaught – Pushed To The Limit?
    Weapons – The Condemnation
    Lord – Betrayal Blind
    Shifting The Paradigm – Left To Burn
    China Vagina – Enforcer
    Jericco – Monsters
    Lord Kaos – Of Ocean Lightning

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