Heavy At Home Playlist April 14 2014


Headbore - What We Are
Icecocoon - Wreckage
Motherslug - Trippin' On Evil
Dreadnaught - Scenester
Temtris - Slave to the System
Interview w/ Dan Page from FOREVER THE OPTIMIST
Interview Part.1
Forever The Optimist - Warning Horns
Interview Part.2
Forever The Optimist - Devils Advocate
Interview Part.3
Forever The Optimist - End of Antics
Malakyte - Fall to Khaos
Carbon Black - Carbon Black / Blood and Sacrifice
Dead City Ruins - Til Death
Interview w/ Matt Young from King Parrot during USA Tour Update #3.
Interview Part.1
King Parrot - No Coincidence
Interview Part.2
King Parrot - Silly 'Ol Mate
Misery - Inverted prophet
Tangled Thoughts of Leaving - Throw us to the Wind
Mephistopheles - Soldiers Of The Endtime
Buried In Verona - The Damned
Virgin Black - In Winters Ash

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