Heavy At Home Playlist August 11 2014


Meshiaak - Alliance of Thieves
Iron Mind - Shadows

Darker Half - End of the Line
Sleepmakeswaves - Perfect Detonator

Segression - Scar Me Now
Sydonia - Shame

Interview w/ Clint Boge from Like Thieves Tour Update #2
Guest Interviewer Dave Roberts
Like Thieves - Brave the Day

Hobbs Angel Of Death - Lucifers Domain
Lynchmada - Green River

F.U.C.! - Elephant Song

Interview w/ Brian Giffin author of Encyclopedia of Australian Metal #2
Psi.Kore - Cut

Dead Kelly - WBRADN
Graveyard Rockstars - Sleepless September
Order Of Chaos - Dead on arrival
Damaged - Manic
Daemon Pyre - Misanthropic Parallels
Mortal Sin - Mayhemic Destruction
Balloons Kill Babies - Akathisia

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