• Heavy At Home Playlist August 17 2015


    Buried In Verona – Done For Good
    Hollow World – The Wrath Kept Within

    Dead Letter Circus – Change the Concept
    Lord – Message In A Bottle (The Police)
    Dyssidia – Aether’s Eyes

    Voros – Symbolic (Death cover)
    Dr Alien Smith – Something Sun

    AUSSIE REQUESTS! ‘Bands that begin with the letter “T” ONLY!
    Twelve Foot Ninja – Shuriken
    The Occupants – Hindsight
    Troldhaugen – Viva Loa Vegas
    Tria Mera – Severance
    Thy Art Is Murder – Absolute Genocide
    Transience – Nails
    Tzun Tzu – Blood Of The Fallen
    Taberah – The Light of Which I dream
    Truth Corroded – The Fall Endless
    Toehider – The Thing With Me
    The Mark Of Cain – The Contender
    Tusk – Misdirected Mayhem


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