• Heavy At Home Playlist August 18 2014



    Alchemist – Eve of the War
    Headbore – Trenches
    Vanishing Point – Distant Is The Sun
    Allegiance – Downward Spiral
    Sydonia – Drag You Out
    It Was Earth All Along – Fracture
    Hemina – Strength
    Tortured – Necro Autopsy
    Shihad – Think You’re So Free
    Like Thieves – Brave the Day
    Northlane – Scarabs
    Pod People – Filling the Void
    Boris The Blade – Misery Throne
    Renegade – Necromancer
    Diminish The Gods – Unbeheld Enthroned
    Eye of the Enemy – The Vengeance Paradox
    Sleepmakeswaves – Perfect Detonator
    Mytile Vey Lorth – Cold Arms of the Dead
    The Hazard Circular – Becoming Human
    Tusk – Fear Single
    Daemon Pyre – Misanthropic Parallels
    Deprivation – Blood Money
    Abberation Nexus – The Solvent That Cleanses The Earth
    OverProof Groove – Drowning of the butterfly
    Archaize – The Gates Will Rise

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