Heavy At Home Playlist August 19 2013


Dead Letter Circus - Say Your Prayers
Taberah - Burning in the Moonlight
Recoil VOR - The Fear
Electrik Dynamite - Showgirls
DeathFuckingCunt - Rectal Gorge
Bane Of Isildur - Born to Scorch the Earth
Infiltraitor - Motionless
Abramelin - Humble Abode
Claim The Throne - Forged In Flame
Armoured Earth - Broken Battlefields
Cog - Doors (Now and Then My Life Feels Like It's Going Nowhere)
Barbariön - Cocaine Maiden
Daysend - Mindless
Alchemist - Road To Ubar
Electric Horse - Venomous
The Outcome - Not Human
Airbourne - Animalize
Lord - Battle Of Venarium
Voyager - Momentary Relapse Of Pain

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