Heavy At Home Playlist August 24 2015


Fear is a Liar - The Fall
Voros - Symbolic (Death cover)

Dyssidia - Aether's Eyes
The Abyss Collective - My Heart Is A Whore

Interview with Glen Dyson / Claim The Throne - Live Japan Tour Update
Claim The Throne - The World Grows Dull

Nucleust - Faith By The Sword

The Charge - The Order of The Owl
Dr Alien Smith - Something Sun
Whoretopsy - Jackhammer Skullfuck

Advent Sorrow - The Agony Courses Through My Veins

Black Majesty - Vlad The Impaler

Allegiance - Downward Spiral
Arcane - Keeping Stone : Sound on Fire
The Nerve - 14 Again
Alchemist - Chinese Whispers
Chaos Divine - With Nothing We Depart
Hadal Maw - Coil
The Murdering - Scorched Birth
Blood Duster - Porn Store Stiffi


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