• Heavy At Home Playlist August 4 2014


    Desecrator – 1800 Volts (LIVE)
    Hemina – Freedom

    Graveyard Rockstars – Sleepless September
    Order Of Chaos – Smoke And Mirrors
    Like Thieves – Wake From Eternal Sleep

    Yanomamo – Minions
    Archaize – Murderous Flattery

    Interview w/ Mike Mills from TOEHIDER Tour Update #2
    Toehider – The Thing With Me

    Segression – Scar Me Now
    Voyager – Hyperventilating

    The Matador – Destroyer

    Interview w/ Alex Wilson from SLEEPMAKESWAVES Tour Update #2
    Sleepmakeswaves – Perfect Detonator

    Hadal Maw – Aetas de Morior
    Meshiaak – Alliance of Thieves

    Chaos Divine – The Beaten Path
    Dungeon – Under the Cross
    Mortal Sin – Psychology of Death
    Hypergiant – Rockwood Lurch
    Truth Corroded – Salute The Horrors

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