Heavy At Home Playlist December 9 2013


Scar The Surface - Dissolved
Rise of Avernus - Ethereal Blindness
The Occupants - Wonderland
Malignant Monster - Back In The Icebox
Neotokyo - Neon
Octanic - Fear the Reaper
The Nerve - Respect
I Exist - Sorrow On Hill 105
I Killed The Prom Queen - To The Wolves
Fear Is A Liar - Shards of Purpose
The Ophidian Ascension - Awaking Prophecy
Alarum - Realization
Balloons Kill Babies - Akathisia
4Arm - Blood Of Martyrs
Airbourne - Live It Up
Cemetery Urn - Legion of Fiends
Karnivool - The Caudal Lure
Rome - Your Leader's Deity
Pathogen - Identity Theft
Witchgrinder - Boneyard

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