Heavy At Home Playlist Feb 2 2015


Feed Her To The Sharks - Shadow of Myself
Abreact - From Here

Daemon Pyre - Beyond The Razor Wire
Transience - Nails

Chaos Divine - Badge of Honour
Decimatus - Ill fated

Three Tonne Deep - Time
Khariot - Hydra

Hollow World - Valley Of The Ghelgath

AUSSIE REQUESTS - Bands that start with the letter 'S'!
Se Bon Ki Ra - Left Of Centre
Steel Swarm - Ultimate Offering
Sleepmakeswaves - Emergent
Stargazer - Insomniate Vortex
Sydonia - Reality Kicks
Steve Hughes - Death Metal And Cooking
Sobrusion - The Dawning
Subtruck - Moment
Switchblade - The Cancer Benign
Segression - Anti Violence Indicator


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