Heavy At Home Playlist Feb 23 2015

In Malice's Wake - Endless Possession
Allegiance - Torn Between Two Worlds
Hailmary - Yellow Light Of Death
D9 - Of His Mind
Chaos Divine - Badge of Honour
Red Bee - Deathbed Memory
Our Last Enemy - Devour The Sun
Alchemist - Chinese Whispers
Dungeon - The Legend Of Huma
Voros - Mired In Perpetual Deceit
House of Thumbs - All Fours
Toehider - Whatever Makes You Feel Superior
Contrive - Outside Circle
Gospel of the Horns - Powers Of Darkness
Segression - Scar Me Now
Hellspawn - Carnal Desires
Karnivool - Aeons
Aeon Of Horus - Radiate
Witchgrinder - Cult of Voodoo
Be'lakor - In Parting
Divine Ascension - Sorrow's Sacrifice
Psycroptic - Merchants Of Deceit
Malakyte - Media Suicide

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