• Heavy At Home Playlist Jan 12 2015


    Chaos Divine – Soldiers
    Psycroptic – Echoes To Come

    Jericco – Colour Outside The Lines
    Meshiaak – Alliance of Thieves

    Voros – Mired In Perpetual Deceit

    King Parrot – Bite Your Head Off
    Alarum – For New Creation

    Witchskull – Spyres
    Breaking Orbit – Become The Light

    Black Trillium – Diseased

    Metreya – Machines Of War

    Sleepmakeswaves – Emergent
    Armoured Angel – Enigmatise
    Segression – Painted In Blood
    Helm – Iron Wall
    4Arm – As I Am You
    Psychrist – Abate the Chains of Rule
    Red Bee – Deathbed Memory
    Taberah – Dying Wish
    Blood Duster – Porn Store Stiffi

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