• Heavy At Home Playlist Jan 19 2015


    Transcience – Endless Change
    Tempest Rising – Dominion That Falls

    Voros – Mired In Perpetual Deceit
    Divine Ascension – Stronger
    Yanomamo – Minions

    Rainshadow – Anti-hero

    Bloodklot – Hate Will Prevail
    Interview w/ Geln Dyson from Claim The Throne – US Tour Update 2015
    Interview Part.1
    Claim The Throne – A Grand Destruction
    Interview Part.2
    Claim The Throne – Incursion

    Decimatus – One Foot In The Grave
    Storm The Sky – Same Graves

    Hollow World – Valley Of The Ghelgath

    Chaos Divine – The Beaten Path
    Cog – Paris, Texas
    Atomizer – Upon The Dying Priest I Spat
    Abramelin – Human Abattoir
    sleepmakeswaves – In Limbs And Joints
    Lord – Digital Lies
    Ruins – Cold Dark Sea
    Damaged – Token Remedies Research
    Synthetic Breed – Techno Sedation

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