Heavy At Home Playlist July 14 2014


Voyager - Orpheus
Evil Eye - Back Burner

It Was Earth All Along - Fracture
Charlie Fingers - I Will Find You

Mechanical Organic - The Guiding Lie
The Stealth Creeping Apocalypse - Resolve

Interview w/ Mike Mills from TOEHIDER
Interview Part.1
Toehider - Whatever Makes You Feel Superior
Interview Part.2
Toehider - Geese Lycan

The Furor - Diabolic Liberation
Envenomed - Burn The Sun
Interview w/ Alex Wilson from SLEEPMAKESWAVES
Interview Part.1
Sleepmakeswaves - Traced In Constellations
Interview Part.2
Sleepmakeswaves - Great Northern

Bound for Ruin - The Void
Interview w/ Matt Young from King Parrot
Interview Part.1
King Parrot - Epelectic Butcher
Interview Part.2
King Parrot - Shit on the Liver

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