• Heavy At Home Playlist July 20 2015


    High Tension – Killed By Life
    Last 9 Days – Bow To None
    The Charge – Acid in my Veins

    A Secret Death – Somewhat of a Recluse
    Balloons Kill Babies – Patches In The Sky

    Parkway Drive – Vice Grip
    Interview w/ Tim Charles from Ne Obliviscaris Live from Slovenia
    Ne Obliviscaris – Pyrrhic

    Orpheus Omega – I, Architect
    Northlane – Obelisk
    Interview w/ Dave Haley from Psycroptic Live from Buffalo, USA.
    Psycroptic – Echoes to Come

    Thy Art Is Murder – Holy War
    Divine Ascension – Stronger

    King Parrot – Like A Rat
    Interview w/ Jesse Dracman from Darkc3ll
    Darkc3ll – Death Of Rock’n’Roll

    Dungeon – Resurrection
    Guards Of May – The Observer
    The Amenta – Erebus
    Hollow World – Weeping Willow
    Bayou – After Dark


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