Heavy At Home Playlist June 16 2014



Hypergiant - Planetcracker
Steel Swarm - Ultimate Offering

Daemon Pyre - Misanthropic Parallels
Swamp Harlot - Rise

Forever The Optimist - Devils Advocate
Interview w/ Dom & Vo Simpson from DARKER HALF
Interview Part.1
Darker Half - Stranger
Interview Part.2
Darker Half - Nemesis

The Amity Affliction - Lost & Fading
Hammer Persuasion - Held Within
Azreal - The Wait

Darkyra Black - Eyes Wide Shut

Interview w/ Matt & Sam Haycroft from I AM DUCKEYE
Interview Part.1
I Am Duckeye - Grip It
Interview Part.2
I Am Duckeye - Stool Bender

Thermal Mass - Off With The Medicine
Bleeding Gasoline - Inside My Own Shadow

Interview w/ Kevin Curran from HAILMARY - Tour Update
Hailmary - My Song

Lycanthia - Ablaze the Wheel Turns

Mindsnare - Among Us

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