• Heavy At Home Playlist June 23 2014



    Widow The Sea – Cinerary Casket
    Malakyte – Embodiment

    Darker Half – Blinded by Darkness
    The Black Swamp – Foulness

    I Am Duckeye – I Need Rehab
    Bleeding Gasoline – Who I Am
    Thermal Mass – Off With The Medicine

    Interview w/ Dan Page from FOREVER THE OPTIMIST – Tour Update #2
    Forever The Optimist – Devils Advocate

    Hemina – Freedom

    Abacination – Cold Blooded
    Darkyra Black – Slither

    Interview w/ James Kershaw from BEAR THE MAMMOTH
    Interview Part.1
    Bear The Mammoth – What?s Yours Was Mine
    Interview Part.2
    Bear The Mammoth – Hieronymus Bosch
    Kunvuk – Networking

    In Malice’s Wake – Fuel For The Fire
    Like Thieves – Brave The Day
    Voyager – Orpheus
    Azreal – Premonition

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