Heavy At Home Playlist June 9 2014



Diminish The Gods - Unbeheld Enthroned
Voyager - Orpheus

Daemon Pyre - Misanthropic Parallels
Ragdoll - Astray

Blackened Angel - A Figure In Black
Crimsonfire - Last Horizon

Bateman - Red Wine Blues
Interview w/ Dan Page from FOREVER THE OPTIMIST - Tour Update #1
Forever The Optimist - Warning Horns

Sleepmakeswaves - Something Like Avalanches
I Am Duckeye - Grip It

Make Them Suffer - Let Me In

REQUESTS - Bands that start with the letter 'D'!
Daysend - Winter
Dreadnaught - The Push
Devolved - Devolved
Damaged - Dust
Dead Letter Circus - Here We Divide
Darkc3ll - The One I Fear
Dead Letter Opener - Light of Day
Discordia - Gunwitch
Dungeon - Better Man
Death Audio - Memories
Decimatus - Usurper

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