• Heavy At Home Playlist Mar 4 2013

    Beneath The Tides Drowning
    Death Audio Fallen Souls
    Pathogen Identity Theft
    Five Star Prison Cell I Curse This Vessel
    Lord Digital Lies
    4arm The Warning
    Tangles Thoughts Of Leaving (quakes)
    Agave Maize Wolves In Angelskin
    In:Extremis Corrosion
    Lycanthia The Essential Components of Misery
    Airbourne Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast
    Bane Of Isildur Born To Scorch The Earth
    Raven Black Night Mystery Woman
    The Amenta Teeth
    Quantam Mechanism Decent
    Red Descending Burned To Death
    Vanishing Point Two Minds, One Soul
    Atomizer Atomic Metal Power
    Twelve Foot Ninja Liberation
    Clagg Big Loader
    Double Dragon Inflictor
    The Nerve Witness

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