Heavy At Home Playlist March 17 2014


Buried In Verona - Eclipse
Voyager - Breaking Down
Aeon Of Horus - Dissipate
The Occupants - Wonderland
Vanishing Point - Denied Deliverance
Forever The Optimist - End of Antics
Aberration Nexus - The Solvent That Cleanses The Earth
Interview w/ Matt Young from King Parrot during USA Tour.
Interview Part.1
King Parrot - Cold Steel Probe
Interview Part.2
King Parrot - Bozo
Mortal Sin - Mayhemic Destruction
Psycroptic - A Calculated Effort
Alchemist - Escape From The Black Hole
Parkway Drive - Flesh, Bone and Weakness
Twelve Foot Ninja - Ain't That A Bitch
The Mark Of Cain - Point Man
Discordia - Living Dead
8 Foot Sativa - Back to Barebone
Damaged - Internal Dismemberment Conflicts (winter 93)

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