• Heavy At Home Playlist March 23 2015


    Chaos Divine – Painted With Grey
    Red Bee – Chokehold

    Darkc3ll – All My Heroes Are Dead
    Mortality – Structure

    Jerrico – Machine
    Hemina – Nightlives
    Our Last Enemy – In Vain

    4ARM – Poisoned Mind
    Psycroptic – Ideals That Wont Surrender
    Arcane – Selfsame
    Ouroboros – Lashing Of The Flames

    Rise of Avernus – Path To Shekinah
    Sumeru – Holy Lands
    Mortal Sin – Deadman Walking

    Kyzer Soze – Slaves To A Dead God
    Lycanthia – Ablaze the Wheel Turns
    Nazxul – Iconoclast

    Forstora – The Link is Broken
    Dave Slave – Speed Ain’t Everything
    Killrazer – Salt In The Wound
    Daysend – Winter

    Sleepmakeswaves – Traced In Constellations

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    1. scott

      be cool if yoy played Don Fernando a bit

      Reply - March 24, 2015 at 11:28 pm

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