• Heavy At Home Playlist March 24 2014


    Vanishing Point – Circle Of Fire
    Malakyte – Fall to Khaos
    Tusk – Fear
    Icecocoon – Wreckage
    Carbon Black – Carbon Black / Mourning
    Aeon Of Horus – Refraction
    Voyager – Breaking Down
    Boris The Blade – Ritual
    Forever The Optimist – End of Antics
    Interview w/ Crystal Ignite from BELLUSIRA
    Interview Part.1
    Bellusira – Follow
    Interview Part.2
    Bellusira – Cachango
    Interview Part.3
    Bellusira – Culprit
    Headbore – Temptress
    I Am Duckeye – Son of a Riff
    Atra Vetosus – A Palace Shrouded In Emptiness
    Rise of Avernus – The Mire
    Norse – Worn and Grey
    Pod People – Filling the Void
    Frankenbok – The Hole
    Mytile Vey Lorth – Delapidated

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