• Heavy At Home Playlist March 30 2015


    Kyzer Soze – Descendants Of Cain
    Sydonia – Shame

    Darkc3ll – All My Heroes Are Dead
    Envenomed – Disobey The Beast

    Rise of Avernus – An Alarum Of Fate
    Order Of Chaos – Smoke and mirrors

    Witchgrinder – Bloodlust
    Blood Duster – Porn Store Stiffi
    Ne Obliviscaris – Painters Of The Tempest (Part II): Triptych Lux

    Transience – Sister
    Alarum – Remote Viewing
    Twelve Foot Nijna – Coming For You

    Divine Ascension – My Contender Lies
    Jericco – Between You And Me

    Mortification – From The Valley Of Shadows
    Damaged – Manic
    Clagg – Lord Of The Deep

    Be’lakor – Abeyance

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