Heavy At Home Playlist May 19 2014


Bane Of Bedlam - Vultures of War
Forever The Optimist - Warning Horns

Eye of The Enemy - The Deed
Meniscus - DTB

Voyager - Hyperventilating
Interview w/ Dana Roskvist from SYDONIA - Tour Update No.1
Sydonia - Shame

OverProof Groove - Just Like You
Hawkmoth - Tundra

Hailmary - Navigate The Sunrise (In the Black Hole)
The Horror - AnyoneCanGrind

Crimsonfire - Winterstorm
Decimatus - Usurper

Bear The Mammoth - Hieronymus Bosch

Make Them Suffer - Let Me In
Like Thieves - Brave The Day

Killrazer - Salt in the Wound
The Blackened Beneath - Dying for Life
Sleepmakeswaves - Something Like Avalanches

Shackles - Cast Out

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