Heavy At Home Playlist May 25 2015


Jericco - Machine
Daemon Pyre - Iconography

Make Them Suffer - Blood Moon
Sleepmakeswaves - Emergent
Mammoth Mammoth - Lookin' Down the Barrel

Jerk - My Friends All Lie

Breaking Orbit - Song of the Sea

Daysend - Born Is The Enemy

Balloons Kill Babies - Patches In The Sky
Damaged - Passive Backseat Demon Engines

Troldhaugen - The Good, The Bad and The Gristle
Be'lakor - Absit Omen
King Parrot - Need No Savior

Voyager - Stare Into The Night
Witchgrinder - I Am Animal
Truth Corroded - Pride Of Demise

Last 9 Days - Bow To None

Psycroptic - Cold
I Killed The Prom Queen - Bright Enough

Devolved - Vex
Hadal Maw - Aetas de Morior

Arcane - Promise (Part 1)
Arcane - Promise (Part 2)


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