Heavy At Home Playlist May 27 2013


Jericco - Monsters
Abreact - For Those...(Dead On The Way)
Witchgrinder - Jack the Ripper
Airbourne - Live it Up
Anno Domini - Against All Godds
Flaming Wrekage - Verge Of Disintegration
Silent Knight - Prophets Of War
The Nerve - Down There
Alchemist - First Contact
Shifting The Paradigm - Left To Burn
Karnivool - The Refusal
Orpheus Omega - Fragments
I Am Duckeye - Prolapse (i hate you matt)
The Outcome - This World
Bayou - After Dark
Voyager - Iron Dream (In Memoriam: Peter Steele)
Whisky Smile - Green Eagle
Feed Her To The Sharks - Shore Of Loneliness
Opia - Emotion Evolution
King Parrot - Dead End
Cold Divide - Weaponized
Advent Sorrow - Before The Dimming Light
Soulforge - Crimson Fire
Electric Horse - Down From The Mountain
Mortal Sin - Mayhemic Destruction

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