• Heavy At Home Playlist May 5 2014



    The Amity Affliction – Pittsburgh
    Forever The Optimist – Enter Circus

    Diminish The Gods – Unbeheld Enthroned
    Carbon Black – Carbon Black / Mourning

    Voyager – Breaking Down
    I Am Duckeye – Son of a Riff

    Dead Kelly – WBRADN
    Interview w/ Dana Roskvist from SYDONIA.
    Interview Part.1
    Sydonia – Shame
    Interview Part.2
    Sydonia – Reality Kicks
    Interview Part.3
    Sydonia – Elbow
    Sydonia – No Woman’s Land

    Headbore – Temptress
    Vanishing Point – Distant Is The Sun
    In Hearts Wake – Divine

    Floating Me – Spirals
    Interview w/ Jason North from TRUTH CORRODED – Tour Update No.2
    Truth Corroded – As A River They Bled

    Cog – Doors (Now and Then My Life Feels Like It’s Going Nowhere)
    Abominator – Diabolical Darkness

    Temtris – Forever Haunted
    Renegade – Black Ritual

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