Heavy At Home Playlist May 6 2013


R.I.P. Adam 'Milky' Adams / Orpheus Omega
Witchgrinder - I Am Animal
Psynonemous - Psynonemous Part 2
Dejan Toracki - Atomic Shadows
The Occupants - I've Been Thinking
Blood Duster - Northcote
Feed Her To The Sharks - Memory Of You
Interview w/ Chris & Joao from Orpheus Omega
Interview Part.1
Orpheus - Face Of Vengeance
Interview Part.2
Orpheus Omega - ResIllusion
Mandala - The Chase
The Spiral Sequence - The Rage
Rise Of Avernus - Forbidden Sin
Abreact - Weight Of Disturbance
Mortal Sin - Voyage Of The Disturbed
Manticore - Consumed
Armoured Angel - Enigmatise
Jericco - Circles And Squares
Metreya - War Era
Caligula's Horse - Singularity
Sadistik Exekution - The Magus
Serenity Defiled - Rancid Soul
Orpheus Omega - Corridors

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