Heavy At Home Playlist November 11 2013


In Malice's Wake - Fuel For The Fire
8 Foot Sativa - Never Abide
Circles - Visions
Altars - Mare
Rise of Avernus - Embrace the Mayhem
Saralisse - Despair 
Truth Corroded - They Are Horror
Blood of the Many - 10,000 Fallen Angels
Fear Is A Liar - Rotations
Mephistopheles - The Great Orbs Beyond Our Skies
Dead Kelly - New World Slaughter
Alarum - Remote Viewing
Blatherskite - The Other
Cog - The Spine
Taberah - The Hammer of Hades
Darkc3ll - Bang!
Ouroboros - Sanctuary
4Arm - Raise A Fist
Northlane - Worldeater
Dead Letter Circus - The Cure
Switchblade - Wings Of Redemption
Portal - The Back Wards

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