• Heavy At Home Playlist November 25 2013


    Rise of Avernus – The Mire
    F.U.C.! – The Statement
    Octanic – Addict
    8 Foot Sativa – Back to Barebone
    The Nerve – Be Myself
    Azreal – Cease To Be
    Saralisse – Vanquish
    Fear Is A Liar – Shards of Purpose
    Jack the Stripper – United in Guilt
    High Tension – High Risk High Rewards
    Clagg – The Great Mortality
    Mephistopheles – Soldiers Of The Endtime
    The Eternal – In Severance
    Lord – Digital Lies
    Abramelin – Humble Abode
    Sydonia – Rubberbullet
    Mytile Vey Lorth – Breathless Winds
    Caligula’s Horse – A Gift to Afterthought
    Vanishing Point – Season Of Sundays
    Damaged – Dust
    Cog – Anarchy OK
    Bronson – Brothers In Arms
    Chaos Divine – The Beaten Path

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