• Heavy At Home Playlist November 30 2015


    4Arm – Fragment of a Dream
    Polaris – Regress

    Acolyte – The Message
    Vessel Born – Sleeping Giants

    Twelve Foot Ninja – One Hand Killing
    Bellusira – How Far
    Daemon Foetal Harvest – Procured for Torment

    Roundtable – Corpulent Warlord

    Revulsed – Archetypal Cauterization
    In Malice’s Wake – A Sign Of The Times

    King Parrot – Like A Rat
    Voyager – A Beautiful Mistake
    Hadal Maw – Corridors
    The Butterfly Effect – Black Lung
    Terrorust – Post Mortal Archives
    Chaos Divine – At the Ringing of the Siren
    Hazmat – Spineless
    The Kill – Extreme Little Big Man Syndrome
    Forever The Optimist – Warning Horns
    Ouroboros – The Sleep of Reason
    Alkira – #479
    Abramelin – Human Abattoir
    Be’lakor – Venator


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