• Heavy At Home Playlist November 4 2013


    Dedicated to TRISTAN MASON – R.I.P. \m/
    Mason – Imprisoned
    Caligula’s Horse – Atlas
    Chronolyth – Condemned In The Throes Of Remorse
    Mephistopheles – Battle Of The Sea and Sky
    Motherslug – Devil’s Rise
    Circles – Ground Shift
    Dejan Toracki – Blunt Force Trauma
    Rise Of Avernus – The Mire
    High Tension – Astral Plane
    The Eternal – In Severance
    Clagg – Gather Your Beasts
    Truth Corroded – Hunt All Heroes
    Airbourne – Live It Up
    Neotokyo – Fight Fight
    Mordavia – Death
    Alkira – Hell’s March
    Voyager – In My Arms
    Bellusira – Cachango
    Ne Obliviscaris – And Plague Flowers The Kaleidoscope

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