• Heavy At Home Playlist October 13 2014


    The Amity Affliction – The Weigh Down
    Witch Skull – Swim the Abyss

    Belle Haven – Hunt For Health
    Flynn Effect – No Man’s Land

    The Matador – Nuna
    Interview w/ Chris Rand from Segression.
    Interview Part.1
    Segression – Grounded
    Interview Part.2
    Segression – Refuse To React

    Divine Ascension – Stronger

    From Birth To Burial – Seers
    Interview w/Theo Goslett & Michael Hodgson from Hollow World
    Interview Part.1
    Hollow World – Wychbury Hill
    Interview Part.2
    Hollow World – Silence

    Opus Of A Machine – Crack in the Soul

    Interview w/ Ben McKay from In Death…
    Interview Part.1
    In Death… – Meaten
    Interview Part.2
    In Death… – Liberation Dawns

    King Parrot – Lizard

    Interview w/ Trent Hunter & Tommy Wainwright from The Outcome
    Interview Part.1
    The Outcome – Breaking Ground
    Interview Part.2
    The Outcome – Not Human

    Interview w/ Owen Gillet from Icecocoon
    Interview Part.1
    Icecocoon – It’s All On The Line
    Interview Part.2
    Icecocoon – About Loving Someone

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