• Heavy At Home Playlist October 14 2013


    The Kill – Necrophobic
    Chaos Divine – Africa
    Cog – Open Up
    Devolved – Battery
    Damaged – Equimanthorn
    Contrive – Communion
    Dungeon – Caught Somewhere In Time
    Frankenbok – Don’t Call Me Baby
    The Berzerker – Corporal Jigsaw Quandary
    Taberah – Burn
    Karnivool – Sleeping Satellite
    Blood Of The Many – End Of The World
    Whisky Smile – Rock Lobster
    Lord – On A Night Like This
    Switchblade – Domination
    The Day Everything Became Nothing – Fuel For Hatred
    Futility – Murder
    Exit Wounds – Bleeding Peptic Ulcer
    Blood Duster – I Wanna Be Your Pimp
    InExordium – Covered In Pain
    Anatomy – The Exorcist
    Atomizer – Speak English Or Die
    Black Steel – Emerald
    Clagg – Lord Of This World (LIVE)
    Dreadnaught – Cold Sweat
    Vespers Descent – Blinded By Fear
    Transcending Mortality – Hollow

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