Heavy At Home Playlist October 20 2014

Hadal Maw - Invisible Eye
Transcience - Endless Change
The Murdering - Scorched Birth
Ne Obliviscaris - Painters Of The Tempest (Part III)_ Reveries From The Stained Glass Womb
Segression - Killing Kingdom
Interview w/ Kyle from Alkira
Interview Part.1
Alkira - #479
Interview Part.2
Alkira - Juggernaut
Divine Ascension - Sorrow's Sacrifice
Jericco - Colour Outside The Lines
Opus Of A Machine - Crack in the Soul
Interview/ Ryan from Awaken Cicada
Interview Part.1
Awaken Cicada - Regrets
Interview Part.2
Awaken Cicada - In The Shadows
Voyager - Breaking Down 

Interview w/ Caleb & Matt from Overproof Groove
Interview Part.1
OverProof Groove - Bullet from hell
Interview Part.2
OverProof Groove - Judas tree

Belle Haven - Hunt For Health
Hollow World - Silence


Interview w/ Adrian from Imperilment
Interview Part.1
Imperilment - Judas and the weak

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  1. James Tempest

    Wow…..is that a new track from Divine Ascensions new album????? Please play it. Been waiting for ages

    Reply - October 23, 2014 at 8:56 pm

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