Heavy At Home Playlist October 26 2015


Villainy - Syria
Teramaze - To Love, A Tyrant
The Arbitrary Method - Divide The Devil
Bellusira - Black Seed
Caligula's Horse - Daughter of the Mountain
Ouroboros - Catholicon
Silent Knight - Empty Threat
Nucleust - Faith By The Sword
Witchskull - Worlds Away
Chronolyth - Revenants

AUSSIE REQUESTS! PERTH / W.A. Bands Only - Part.2
Wardaemonic - Temple of Rats
Psychonaut - The Humungus
The Furor - Atomis Triumph
Chainsaw Hookers - Never Sleep Again
Hailmary - Navigate The Sunrise (In the Black Hole)
Dyscord - Dakota
Pyromesh - Bathed in Flame
Iconoclast - Iniquity
Forstora - Inevitability
Bloodklot - Hate Will Prevail
Nails Of Imposition - Nails
Malignant Monster - Back In The Icebox


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