• Heavy At Home Playlist October 28 2013


    Hosted by Youngy & Slatts from KING PARROT
    Fuck I’m Dead – Bury The Cunt In Shit
    Hackxwhore – Stabbed For A Ciggy
    Broozer – Sanctuary
    Whoretopsy – Seminal Torture
    The Kill – Another Weirdo In The Mosh
    King Parrot – Bozo
    Terrorust – Hunting Humans
    Thrall – Frozen Tears And Blood
    The Matador – The Woman Clothed In The Sun With the Moon Under Her Feet
    Chainsaw Hookers – Never Sleep Again
    Malakyte – Fall To Khaos
    Descerator – Destroying God’s Work
    Rome – Love To Rose
    Aversions Crown – Hive Mind
    New Blood – Entrails Of Vermin Descent
    Mason – Warhead
    Amagon – Tomb Or Womb
    Internal Nightmare – 11 Vagaries of Perception
    Aussie Song Mix
    Abreact – Bomber
    Devolved – Impute
    Dejan Toracki – Critical Mass
    Cruciform – Reduced To Dust
    Darklord – War In The Sky
    Cryogenic – Mind Over Soul
    Mephistopheles – The End Of All Light
    Lord Kaos – Hall Of Sorrow

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