Heavy At Home Playlist October 5 2015


Gay Paris - Draw, You Harlequin Saints
Caligula's Horse - Marigold
Teramaze - To Love, A Tyrant
Witchskull - Pan's Daughter
Gods Of Eden - Shiva's Dream
Villainy - Syria
Harlott - Lord of War
Dumbsaint - Communion
The Arbitrary Method - Into Insanity
Silent Knight - Conquer & Command

iNFeCTeD - Crawlspace
Hazmat - Wings Of The Devil
Nazxul - Iconoclast
Tusk - Rancour
Blackened Angel - Of Wings And White
Alice Through The Windshield Glass - A Painful Awakening
Portal - Kilter
The Butterfly Effect - Without Wings
Ne Obliviscaris - Devour me, Colossus (Part I) Blackholes
Opus of a Machine - Parallels


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