Heavy At Home Playlist October 7 2013


Fear Is A Liar - Intentional Mistakes
The Schoenberg Automaton - All roads lead to Rome
Circles - Responses
King Parrot - No Coincidence
Bound for Ruin - Eradicate
Dead Deities - A Fair Go
Bulletbelt - Down in the Cold Of the Grave
Caligula's Horse - Water's Edge
Deprivation - Murder Your Excuses
Balloons Kill Babies - Akathisia
New Blood - Perpetual Rest
Scar The Surface - A Strength that Overcomes
Forever The Optimist - Revolutions
Portal - The Back Wards
Be'lakor - Sun's Delusion
Alkira - Masks of the World
Lord - Point Of View
Death Audio - The Escape
Cold Divide - Weaponized
The Outcome - Not Human
Twelve Foot Ninja - Mother Sky

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