• Heavy At Home Playlist September 1 2014


    Shihad – The Big Lie
    Yanomamo – Minions

    Mushroom Giant – Primaudial Soup
    The Furor – Black Sorcerer Of Sadism

    Dejan Toracki – Critical Mass

    Interview w/ Anthony Mavrikis from Envenomed
    Interview Part.1
    Envenomed – Within Me
    Interview Part.2
    Envenomed – Disobey The Beast

    Jerrico – Colour Outside The Lines

    Castration Party – Days That Are Lost
    The Seer – Deviant

    Electric Mary – Sweet Mary

    Interview w/ Rob Brens from Hadal Maw
    Interview Part.1
    Hadal Maw – Invisible Eye
    Interview Part.2
    Hadal Maw – Altar of Ire

    Silent Knight – Prisoner Of Your World
    Nekrology – Hanging Til Rotten
    Breaking Orbit – Become The Light

    Death Dependant – Sacrifice For The Cross

    Psycroptic – Ob(Servant)

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