Heavy At Home Playlist September 14 2015


Whisky Smile - Catfish Lake
Villainy - Syria

Sanzu - Defamer
Black Majesty - Make Believe

Wardaemonic - Temple of Rats
The Charge - The Order of The Owl

Majora - Iridescent
Claret Ash - As These Flowers Wither... Now I Must Decay
Brimstone - Level Ground

The Occupants - Hindsight

AUSSIE 'Instrumental' REQUESTS
Bear The Mammoth - Hieronymus Bosch
Lord - Be My Guest
Tangled Thoughts of Leaving - Deaden the Fields
Eyefear - Naked Spirit
Alchemist - Eve of the War
Karnivool - Scarabs
Sleepmakeswaves - Emergent
Frankenbok - Black Saturday
Blood Duster - Instrumental 1
Balloons Kill Babies - Patches
Akaname - Transmutation


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