Heavy At Home Playlist September 15 2014


Voyager - A Beautiful Mistake
OverProof Groove - Drowning Of The Butterfly
Dead Letter Circus - Lodestar

The Mark of Cain - Battlesick
Sabretung - Collision

Dyssidia - Brink
Shihad - Model Citizen

Darkc3ll - Hollywood Scars

Interview w/ Anthony Mavrikis from Envenomed Update #2
Envenomed - The Shadowland

Armoured Angel - Enigmatise
Like Thieves - Brave the Day

Kettlespider - Tundra
The Murdering - Scorched Birth

Interview w/ Rob Brens from Hadal Maw Update #2
Hadal Maw - Hypnoguise

The Autumn League - A Flame Within
Blood Duster - D.F.F.

Castration Party - Downstream
Alarum - For New Creation
Caligula's Horse - All is Quiet by the Wall

Lord - Walk Away

Bestial Warlust - Barbaric Horde

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