• Heavy At Home Playlist September 16 2013


    Rome – Adherent’s Key
    Myriad – Reminded
    Dreadnaught – The Push
    8 Foot Sativa – Summoned To Rise
    Claim The Throne – Serpent And The Star
    Kettlespider – Inevitable
    Scar The Surface – Dissolved
    Interview w/ Nick Calpakdjian-Director Metal Down Under Documentary
    Interview Part.1
    Armoured Angel – Enigmatise
    Interview Part.2
    Allegiance – One Step Beyond
    Se Bon Ki Ra – House Of Cards
    Perpetual End – I’m on Fire
    Pyromesh – Darkseed
    Brace – Covered In Sky
    HELM – Bermuda
    Damaged – Nails
    Abramelin – Your Casualty
    Mandala – Mimic
    King Parrot – Bozo
    Ruins – Keeping This Crown
    Bellusira – Cachango

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